About the Blog

Don’t let the name “Fashion and Fishing” fool you. This is definitely not a fishing blog. (But don’t tell my husband!) This blog is the story of a girl with a love for all things fashion, sewing, and crafting who fell in love with a Charleston boy whose blood runs salt water and pluff mud. I hope you will enjoy following me along  while I continue my journey with sewing and creating a wardrobe that is 100% handmade (well…plus a few splurges here and there). This blog is also the lessons I’ve learned from my two years of marriage; the hard times, the frustrating times we’ve had trying to start a family, the heartbreaks of a miscarriage, and the triumph of love. Because through it all, we found ways to fall in love with each other over and over again each day.  I hope you will enjoy reading whatever new, crazy, random, heart-string-pulling, and possibly insightful thoughts that come out of my head. And I hope you will enjoy seeing my latest sewing creations as much as I enjoy working on them. Hey maybe you will learn a thing or two about sewing and become inspired to try your hand at it yourself! But mostly I hope this blog will inspire you and motive you to love the life you have and find ways to see the light in anything dark that might fall your way.




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