Buy or DIY: The Perfect Gift for a Very Important Person

Every year in December, my sewing machine works over time as I strive to make all handmade Christmas presents. And this year is no exception. Except for when it comes to Will’s present. Lately I have noticed one thing that he really needs that I would never be able to make. You see, whenever we are out and about, Will and I are constantly asking each other for the time. And then reaching into our pockets for our cell phones. And then realizing the cell phone is on the bottom of the diaper bag. And then pouring the contents of the diaper bag out on the ground, reaching for the phone, checking the time, and realizing, of course, that we are once again running late. So this year for Christmas… Will and I are getting each other watches.img_5112Lets for fun quickly recap some of my Christmas handmade disasters attempts. First there was the year of the glitter sweater when I inadvertently made Will a blue sweater that although fit perfectly, in the sunlight had a nice glittery sheen to the fabric that I totally didn’t notice when I bought the fabric in the store. Opps. IMG_1113Then there are the DIY shilouette pillows that have been such a big hit as wedding presents and bridal shower presents, but I have a feeling Will is not interested in a pillow of his face.image And then there are the annual Christmas scrapbooks.  I have made one for Will each year for Christmas starting in 2010, the year we met. But lets be honest, these are always really for me. It’s time I get Will something that is just for him. img_3201So this year I decided it was okay to scrap (pun not intended) the homemade gift for my husband. And the timing (wow another pun, and I’m not even trying) could’t more perfect as JORD watches sent me the most beautiful wooden watch to try out.img_5129I had to do some research as I had never heard of JORD wooden watches before. But I immediately was intrigued by their story. They use sustainably sourced natural wood to make their watches (my watch band is made of zebrawood from West Africa). Will and I are both big into companies that use recycled/sustainable resources. We’re trying to help eliminate our carbon footprint and maybe even save the environment, people. Goodness knows Trump isn’t going to (whoo, you see how I got political there for a second. Let me continue). So they resource their wood from products that have already been produced, such as used furniture remnants, to create a one of a kind piece. img_5132It’s been forever since I’ve worn a watch but unlike many other watches I’ve had in the past, it’s not heavy or bulky. And so far it’s been baby friendly, drool proof and spit proof! img_5156And check out this sweet giveaway! Winner receives $100 e gift code to JORD. All losers receive a $25 e gift code to JORD. So everyone gets a gift card no matter what! The contest will close January 15th at 11:59pm. The $100 and $25 Gift Codes will expire March 31, 2017. Click here for your chance to win or follow this link:

Whether you buy or DIY this holiday, I hope you spend it surrounded by the ones you love! Until next time! xoxo Priscilla 
This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, but as always, all opinions are my own.


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