A Twist on an Old Favorite

IMG_3912Hello friends, let’s please not dwell on the fact that my hair fell out of its top knot, now resembling a decaying birds nest, and lets talk about how I actually sewed myself something to wear!! It’s been forever since I sat at my sewing machine and made something just for me. So I decided to dip my toes back into the water slowly by making something that I have already made before. So here I present to you yet another  Penelope Peplum top from See Kate Sew. This time with a few modifications, because I never was one to follow the rules. IMG_3904I am still not 100% sure how I feel about peplums. Everytime I wear one I feel like I look like a little girl. Which is not the look I am going for. But then I see other people wearing one and I think, dang that looks good. So I always give it another go.
Here is where you can purchase this pattern if you want to give it a try for yourself. A few change ups: I added an extra two inches to the length of the bodice and then took off 2 inches off the peplum piece, making it a shorter peplum. Adding the inches to the torso lowered the peplum just a bit, so now it sits at the start of my hips instead of my waist which was a nice change up. I will however admit that since having the baby, I am no longer a size medium. The top is just a wee bit tight around my boobs. Oh the joys of breast feeding. I wish I could go  back in time and tell 13 year old Priscilla “don’t sweat, you’ll have big boobs one day. …and you’ll hate it!”  IMG_3906The fabric for this top is a knit from Art Gallery Fabrics from the Chalk and Paint collection. I bought  2 yards intending to make a dress but I decided on second thought this might be a bit too “youthful” to make into a sundress. I still have a yard leftover so who knows what I will do. I love the quality of Art Gallery knits, but they are a little bit thicker and not as stretchy as a jersey knit, so between that and my mama-jamma boob issue, I really should of sized up to a Large. Ah so much for regrets. 

So here is a round of me in my DIY peplums. What do you think, should I continue my quest or is enough enough?



4 thoughts on “A Twist on an Old Favorite

  1. Kathy says:

    I think peplums can look a little juvenile too, but yours are very cute. I like the ones that have less fullness/gathering, because too me it looks less like a ruffle. I especially like the white and black ones in your photos. The solids look a little more sophisticated.


  2. Coastal Kelder says:

    I think it looks cute! Props to finding some time to yourself and sewing a peplum top – I’m sure life is a little crazy right now. I have a navy and white peplum tank I wear occasionally, but also wonder if I look like a child haha


  3. Lynsey says:

    Lovely top, I think the peplum sitting a bit lower I a really good look and less child looking maybe it due to seeing more waist definition, looks good on you (my hair always looks like that!)


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