Pom Poms and Hedge Hogs

cochellaThe pom pom shorts craze has been everywhere this summer. And in the sewing community, every so often you will see that pattern that “everyone and their mother” is whipping up. Last fall it was the Hudson Pants and this summer it is the Cochella shorts. So naturally I had to join in on the fun. And although I am ashamed to say I haven’t made a pair of Hudson pants yet, (yet I say, give me time!) I am definitely on board with the Cochella shorts. So today I will share with you my first pair.

Here is where my inspiration from Pinterest started. pom pomVia Lac store.com, Southern Curls and Pearls, and Merricks Art

I knew I wanted to use a floral print and I was lucky to find tons of different options at Five Eighth Seams to chose from. In then end I went with a floral Jennifer Paganelli quilting weight cotton from her Circa collection.  IMG_2573 For the pattern I used the Cochella shorts from Striped Swallow Designs. I was kinda all over the place with the sizing. My measurements put me at a small and my gut was telling me there is absolutely no way that my thunder thighs would fit into a size small. So I went with a medium. If you are really trying to make your fabric count, I would definitely suggest making a muslin first, and I almost never say that. But for these shorts, I would definitely go that route. You also have to decide on the inseam length, low/mid/high rise, and also if you want slim fit vs relaxed fit. So many choices when making a pair of shorts! I ended up going with a mid rise, 4” inseam and relaxed fit. And let me tell you, they are very baggy! I even ended up rolling the waistband down for these photos.  I think my next pair, I will go with a size small,  low rise, slim fit, and 2” inseam. Pretty much the exact opposite of what I did with these. But these worked out well for a trip to the water park and are perfect for lounging around with a t-shirt. And considering I didn’t make a muslin, I am not too disappointed with my first pair. IMG_2586 For the construction, I only made one change: I did not add my pom pons all the way up the sides of the overlay. I was afraid the dangling pompoms on the front would just be too much. I am glad I made this choice because I love the way they turned out. I also added the lace part of my pom pom trim to the front of the short and simply stitched in place with a top stitch instead of hiding it in the back and folding under. I think it adds a nice little white detail in addition to the pom poms. IMG_2588 IMG_2589So in addition to my new shorts, you might be wondering where I scored my rad new hedgehog t-shirt. If you follow me on Instagram, then you might remember that Lionel the Hog is kinda a local celebrity around these parts. And I recently met up with his adorable owner Anna at a bloggers party and found out about these super cool new tees. I love supporting local entrepreneurs and plus he’s the most adorable spiky fella I have ever met. Check out his Instagram for the dets on picking up your own Lionel T-Shirt. PicMonkey Collagevia Instagram




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