The Ongoing Struggle with my Tall Torso

IMG_1665IMG_1660IMG_1661 IMG_1664

WORK OUT PANTS: Old Navy // SHOES: New Balance  // TANK TOP: Target // SUNNIES : Urbane Outfitters // PATTERN: Summer Concert Tee by Dixie DIY // FABRIC: Art Gallery Fabrics

There are few times that I make a muslin prior to cutting into my nice new fabric. Maybe I just love the instant gratification  of jumping into a project and having it done that day. My measurements stay pretty much the same and I usually go with a medium for anything tight fitting and smalls for anything loose. And this way of thinking usually works in my favor. Well then comes along the Summer Concert Tee.  I do love this pattern. It is well written and a very simple pattern to complete for anyone who wants a newbie knit sewing project.  But my problem was that I did not take into account that my torso is a weeeeee bit longer that the average gal. (The distance from the bottom of my neck to my belly button is 18 inches long….pause for you to go measure your own…. go ahead…..SEE! told you my torso was long!)   I just jumped right into this pattern, cut a size small, and didn’t adjust it to account for needing extra length in the front. This shirt has a very pronounced high-low hem. And the “high” in the front is very high. To the point that my pale winter belly was out for the world to see. Luckily I found a cute dark gray tank top in my stash to wear underneath.  Also the front  of the shirt is a little “baggy” on my body causing the thicker knit fabric to drape in a wierd way, but I could always go back and take in the side seams and see what happens.

IMG_1666So lesson learned. Not all my creations come out so fabulous. I will from here on out be more aware to the length of patterns and know when to make adjustments for my tall Terzo torso and make a muslin when it’s needed. In the mean time, this one will do perfect for walks in the sun with my pups and my main man!

will and pups





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