DIY Anthropologie Inspired Vegan Leather Pants

I have had my eye on a pair of leather pants for awhile now. Maybe I have been watching too much Sons of Anaracy. Who knows. I have seen vegan leather leggings pop up all over the place. So much that I had to google what the heck vegan leather was just to find out it’s just another term for what we called “pleather” in the 90s. But nonetheless, I had to have a pair. So I was beyond thrilled when I saw that Girl Charlee was now selling STRETCH vegan leather! I would finally get my pair for a DIY bargain vs the $100+ prices I was seeing online., including this pair from Nordstroms that was going for $920! (Ok mind you,  those are real lambskin leather, but still, who pays that much for leather leggings when you can just make your own!)IMG_1208 IMG_1217 For the pattern, I used the Sew Simple Leggings from So Sew Easy Patterns. I have used this pattern twice before (see those) and just love them! But this was my first time using stretch leather. It worked relativity the same. I cut a size 5 and added an extra 1.5 inch to the length. IMG_1219 IMG_1222 IMG_1228 IMG_1229 PANTS: DIY vegan leather leggings. FABRIC: // TSHIRT: H&M  // SUNGLASSES: Urban Outfitters // BOOTS: Lucky Outlet // KIMONO: H&M (Similar one here

And for your Buy or DIY pleasure:leggings


6 thoughts on “DIY Anthropologie Inspired Vegan Leather Pants

  1. Amy says:

    This is EXACTLY what I was looking for–DIY “leather” leggings! These will be my second handmade garment using an Indiesew pattern. Did you still use straight pins when making these? I read somewhere you can’t use pins in pleather because it will leave holes–maybe not this fabric since it’s stretch. Can you enlighten me? Thanks!


    • Priscilla says:

      hi! so glad you are going to make a pair of leggings. I loooooove mine! Yes I did use pins but instead of using regular quilters pins, I used extra fine point pins (I think Dritz makes them) and they didn’t leave a hole! You can probably find them at your local sewing store or order them online. Good luck! You’ll have to upload your creation to Indiesew afterwards to I can see how they turned out.


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