The Dress That Almost Never Was

I did not sew this dress. I wanted to preface that. This little red lace dress that I feel in love with almost didn’t arrive before I needed it. I have learned that when you order something for “next day delivery” that does not mean that it will arrive the day after you order it.  It will arrive the day after the store mails it out. Well thanks Neiman Marcus for taking your precious time putting it in the mail. A back story about this dress is that I needed a dress that I could wear to my sister in laws’s outside rehearsal dinner. Seeing that it is November and its a wee bit nippy outside, I wanted a dress that I could wear my black tights with. This dress fit all my needs, was adorable, and was 50% off at Neiman Marcus Last Call website. (which, by the way, Last Call has great deals on designer garments. I will never shop at the actual Neiman Marcus again). Well, when I got my tracking notification, it was set to be delivered by 8pm on Nov 21. Well that would be fine BUT the dinner was at 6pm! I can’t be 2 hours late waiting on the UPS man. So what do I do. Pick another dress? No time. Try to make a dress from start to finish in only 2 days? Hmm I don’t have in me. So what do I do? Well, I woke up the morning of the 21st and drove to the UPS station. I beg and plea with the lady behind the counter, using words like “naked,” “imperative,” and “desperate.” She laughed and told me she would personally text the driver who had my package and tell him I needed it before 6:00. I told her thank you, drove the 20 minutes home, and there waiting on my doorstep was the package. The dress fit like a glove (not my first French Connection dress, so I knew my size). It worked out great for the rehearsal dinner. Any maybe, just maybe, I can one day make one of my own from scratch inspired by the dress that almost didn’t make it in time for it’s party.



emilys wedding


ok at 5’10 I am the shortest person in this photo. How is that possible!?! 🙂

emilys wedding2


Dress: French Connection
Black Tights: unknown brand from, you guessed it, Target
Shoes: black Tory Burch Caroline flats

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