indigo shirts and a dirt road


When I think back on the 90s, I have such fond memories of rolling up to middle school every day in my older sister’s Ford Probe while she rocked out to Nirvana and I hoping that maybe we could pop in my Boyz II Men cassette tape for just a second, spending countless hours worrying if Dylan would choose Brenda or Kelly, and feeling bad ass wearing my shirt that we tie-dyed that weekend in the backyard. You see, tie dying was the thing to do in when I was younger. It was the extent to my craftiness.  This photo will give you a visual of how fashion forward I was in 1991. Take your time. Soak it in. pAnyways, so you can imagine my delight when shibori dyed fabric made its resurgence here in my adult life. Shibori, for those of you who are wondering, is “a Japanese dyeing technique that typically involves folding, twisting or bunching cloth and binding it, then dyeing it in indigo.” Thanks Google. So of course I wanted to try my hand at it. But oh yeah..wait…I have a 9 month old, clingy teething baby. Sigh. Where does the time go? But thank goodness April Rhodes has done it again! Designed a beautiful fabric making all my tie dye dreams come true without having to do any work! img_4813

So in case I wasn’t clear, NO I did not tie dye this shirt. The fabric is an indigo print design, printed in a buttery soft voile from Art Gallery Fabric’s Observer Collection by April Rhodes. I love this entire collection, but was very excited when I saw this print was done in the voile, the perfect drape for a flowy top just for me. img_4806

For the sewing pattern of my shirt, I used the Lou Box Top from I wanted a pattern that would give me the opportunity to use the voile, but I didn’t want to fuss with a zipper or back closure. Plus it gave me options for altering the hem a variety of different ways. So this was the perfect pattern for the job. img_4796 img_4798

Please enjoy the wrinkles that come with a long sweaty day of tooting around a toddler on my hip. Hashtag mom life.


One of these days I will try my hand at shibordi dying. Maybe a future girls night? Or moms-day- in. (Is that a thing?) In the mean time, its good to know April Rhodes and Art Gallery Fabrics will continue to supply me with just what I need.


our little mountain baby

img_2853img_4660img_4636 After surviving the most recent hurricane season and witnessing my husband obsessing over a very long and tumultuous election season that ended in one very stressful evening of him yelling at Wolf Biltzer on the television, I can at least give a sigh of relief that its over.  The best part of our most recent family vacation was getting away from it all. We didn’t have to worry about work, the presidential election, what was going on back at home, and all the other to-do list details that constantly fill our brains.  Instead it was nine days of hiking up mountains, crisp dry air, and endless elk and bison sightings. Our camera work was a little shaky and we were having so much fun that we didn’t capture nearly half of the amazing views. But nonetheless, here is a quick video below that summarizes our Colorado vacation which included Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, and Rocky Mountain National Park. Liam was once again a perfect travel companion! As long as he can ride in the baby carrier and read his books with daddy, he is happy where ever he goes! Enjoy the video!

the sweetest pumpkin in the patch

I promise I will sew and blog again. One of these days. And I could name a million excuses but ahhhhhh life. Instead I will leave you with these photos of baby Liam. Because when it’s your first baby’s first Halloween, you drop everything and take obligatory photo shoots in pumpkin patches. img_2818img_2808img_2822img_2802img_4420As much as I love sewing and sharing my creations, being with Liam each day is a nice reminder to slow down and take each day one day at a time. Until next time!


Bad Dreams

The other night Liam woke up crying with what I can only imagine was a bad dream. He had the saddest little cry. It was horrible! Who knows what he was dreaming about? (Will thinks he was dreaming that my nipples disappeared… Wierdo.)  So anyways, he wakes up with this bad dream, in the saddest cry that you ever did hear, and I quickly rolled over and rubbed his back. After a minute or so, he let out a big sigh and let his body sink down into his pillow, and was soon back asleep. As I lay there for the next few minutes, I got to thinking about what just went down. Now for this to make sense, you should know that Will and I co-sleep with Liam.  Some people call it “co-sleeping.” Some people call it “bed sharing.” And some people call it crazy. Whatever you want to call it, I thought a lot about it that night.

Now quick disclaimer: I totally do not judge people for different parenting styles. I understand that each momma has to do what they have to do.  In this journey of newfound parenthood, we are all in survival mode. But hear me out on this. This tiny little being, with his who-knows-what thoughts flying around in his constantly developing brain, was shook to his core and woke up in a panic. And then suddenly he was able to hear me, smell me, and touch me with his little arm before the bad dream turned into a full screaming cry. I get so sad thinking of him waking up, scared, and finding out that there’s no one else in the room? That’s scary for me and I’m 34 years old. And I am not an expert in child development, but that has got to be everything to this little man. He is learning that he doesn’t have to cry his heart out before someone comes running.  In these 6 short months, I really think he has built a trust in us. I can already see it being carried over to other moments in his life. Like when I drop him off at grandmas, or sit him in the middle of the sea of babies at story time, or walk into a crowded room full of new people with him on my hip. He is confident, happy, and most importantly, trusting. Maybe this is just his personality and we got lucky?  Maybe the co-sleeping and attachment parenting has something to do with it?  Either way, hopefully I can be there for him for many more years of bad dreams. Or as long as he’ll let me🙂

img_2425I’m interested to hear if there are other mommies and daddies out there who do bed sharing or attachment parenting. Do you find your babies have become more trusting of new people? how long do you plan to co-sleep? I’d love to hear from you! 



two parents, one baby, and the Zika virus take on Miami Beach

For my birthday this year I told Will, no parties, no surprises, no presents, and no orchestrated get together with friends. Because frankly, August wore me out! And I didn’t have the energy for fake smiles! I wanted a simple, relaxing getaway with no itinerary, a pool, and lots of sunshine. So when we found plane tickets to Miami that were round trip $120 after taxes, we could not pass up the deal. So two mid-thirty year olds, our 6 month old, and the zika virus, spent a relaxing weekend in Miami Beach. We stayed at the Fontainebleau hotel and although I didn’t find our rooms to be anything spectacular to write home about, the pools and the service were impeccable. At night the hotel bar (and the entire city for that matter) turns into a wild party, but during the day the pools are quiet and there were other families there enjoying the beautiful weather. Other than being in the ocean and poolside, we only left the hotel to go eat in South Beach and Little Havana. But enough typing from me. I will let this video I made do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

new fabric, old pattern


I started sewing in 2013 and when I look back at some of the things I made back in those days, I realize not all of them were real winners. In fact some of them I wore once to take photos and then never wore again. You know those times when an outfit just doesn’t fit right, you keep it in your closet, but you never end up wearing it? Yeah. That’s what happened with some of my earlier DIY creations. So I have decided to go back to some of these dress patterns and see where I went wrong. I decided to start with the Tank Dress by Sew Caroline.IMG_0012 I made my first Tank Dress, as seen above, in 2014 and it wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t great. The waist was too cinched in the back, which pulled it really tight in the front, so I tried to cover that problem with a belt. The fabric I chose, while it would of been great used as an accent fabric or a trim fabric for a quilt, was just blah when used for an entire dress. It was also a woven fabric so it didn’t drape and flow as nice as I wanted it to. Also I think my bias tape was thicker than the fabric so it made the neck line pull away from my body. So overall, not my best work but hey, I was still learning! IMG_4098So to address the first issue, I decided to cut the same size Medium for the dress pattern and the elastic casing as I did on my first Tank Dress, but cut a size XL for the elastic piece. This gave it the same nice cinched back but a little more subtle. It was a much better fit. (I don’t have a photo of the back of the dress but you can trust, its much better this way!)IMG_4096For the fabric, I was so excited to cut into this beautiful Les Fleurs Birch rayon challis from the Rifle Paper Co collection for Cotton + Steel Fabrics. This fabric feels like butter on your skin and drapes just perfectly. It found it to be easier to do the rounded hem on the bottom in this rayon than in a stiff woven. And this fabric works great for any summer time dress. Light enough to wear in the hot temperatures, but does not need to be lined like a voile. Please excuse the wrinkles in the photographs. Yes this fabric wrinkles but I was on vacation and who cares! IMG_4095Both fabric and sewing pattern can be found at IMG_4110IMG_4094 IMG_4101These photos were taken by Will last weekend on our last summer vacation of the year. Will took Liam and me to Miami Beach for a birthday getaway and I wore the dress all weekend as a swim suit coverup on our way to the pool, where we spent the majority of the trip, eating strawberries and drinking smoothies!  I’d like to say I got a lot of compliments on the dress, but when half of the girls at the Fontainbleau hotel were walking around in thongs, trust me, nobody was looking at my hand made dress! And yes I know the fear of Zika virus was in the air down there in Miami, but we like to live on the wild size (meaning we covered ourselves and the baby head to toe in bug spray and we were back in our hotel room before dusk. Like I said, we are wild ones!)

my summer mom-iform

IMG_2137I can’t believe I am using the word “momiform” but it seemed like something a blogger would say so here you have it. This summer I have truly been rocking the same “uniform” every weekend. Because, you see, becoming a mom completely changes your wardrobe. And not in that I’ve-got-to-lose-those-last-five-pounds baby weight kind of way. But the days of standing up, walking tall, and sucking in your gut when needed have totally shifted. And therefore so have your clothing options.  For example.  1- I bend down and pick up this baby 125 times a day and nobody wants to be seeing what’s hanging out my backside. Or my front side, for that matter.  2- making sure my shirt will match the baby carrier I will be wearing today.  Not as important but still something to consider. And 3- the most important factor, can I breast-feed discreetly in this outfit or am I going to have to leave to go to another room and sling this dress over my head? Yeah not worth it.  So my days of sundresses in the summer all day, every day,  are gone. And I’m totally ok with that. I think those days were starting to wind down for me anyways, baby or no baby.  But instead my outfits now consist of jean shorts, sandals, and my favorite flowiest tank top ever.IMG_2090I originally bought a brown version of this tank top from Show Me Your Mumu and I was obsessed with it. I wanted one in each color but of course they are all sold out of the solid colors and I wasn’t too crazy about the print choices. So I decided to make a few DIY versions, using the Mumu top as my inspiration. So far I have made a black one and pink one, but I have two more cut out on my sewing table to be sewn anytime Liam feels the desire to sleep for more than two hours in a row. Any day now, Liam. You just let me know, buddy.
IMG_2135IMG_2093 The black fabric is actually left over rayon lining fabric I had for another project. And the pink fabric is a tencel from Nicole Miller I bought at Joann’.  It has the most amazing drape! And using my 40% off coupon, it ended up being less than $6 a yard. So I basically was able to make two tank tops in under $15. Not too shabby. IMG_2126Liam enjoying his first ride on a boat!IMG_2148 IMG_2101I can’t wait to share with you the next tank top I have cut up and ready to go. This one will feature some gorgeous Art Gallery voile fabric that I am excited about. Plus I will share how I do my spaghetti straps and trim using bias taping. So stay tuned for that!

we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be

This morning Will woke up at 5:00am to use the bathroom and he woke up the baby. I, of course, over reacted and snapped a nasty remark to Will. Because after he came back to bed, I then was awake spending the next hour and a half trying to rock/nurse Liam back to sleep. And as I lay there in the wee hours of the morning watching Liam kick me in my ribs, flip over onto all fours, and babble “glub-glub-glub” over and over again, I suddenly hear Liam let out the loudest baby fart that you ever did hear. Will and I both giggle and it was only then that I realized that my poor husband, whom I had just snapped at, was also awake this entire time. I felt horrible for my reaction and quickly apologized. Liam’s little early morning farting session was the universe’s way of saying “chill out Priscilla. Nothing is worth getting your panties in a wad.” And perhaps we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be. Wide awake at 5am, in a king size bed, surrounded by the men of my dreams, who are now both equally good at making me laugh. Sometimes, even with their farting.image

A Twist on an Old Favorite

IMG_3912Hello friends, let’s please not dwell on the fact that my hair fell out of its top knot, now resembling a decaying birds nest, and lets talk about how I actually sewed myself something to wear!! It’s been forever since I sat at my sewing machine and made something just for me. So I decided to dip my toes back into the water slowly by making something that I have already made before. So here I present to you yet another  Penelope Peplum top from See Kate Sew. This time with a few modifications, because I never was one to follow the rules. IMG_3904I am still not 100% sure how I feel about peplums. Everytime I wear one I feel like I look like a little girl. Which is not the look I am going for. But then I see other people wearing one and I think, dang that looks good. So I always give it another go.
Here is where you can purchase this pattern if you want to give it a try for yourself. A few change ups: I added an extra two inches to the length of the bodice and then took off 2 inches off the peplum piece, making it a shorter peplum. Adding the inches to the torso lowered the peplum just a bit, so now it sits at the start of my hips instead of my waist which was a nice change up. I will however admit that since having the baby, I am no longer a size medium. The top is just a wee bit tight around my boobs. Oh the joys of breast feeding. I wish I could go  back in time and tell 13 year old Priscilla “don’t sweat, you’ll have big boobs one day. …and you’ll hate it!”  IMG_3906The fabric for this top is a knit from Art Gallery Fabrics from the Chalk and Paint collection. I bought  2 yards intending to make a dress but I decided on second thought this might be a bit too “youthful” to make into a sundress. I still have a yard leftover so who knows what I will do. I love the quality of Art Gallery knits, but they are a little bit thicker and not as stretchy as a jersey knit, so between that and my mama-jamma boob issue, I really should of sized up to a Large. Ah so much for regrets. 

So here is a round of me in my DIY peplums. What do you think, should I continue my quest or is enough enough?


DIY Baby “Hot Pants”

In a town filled with little girls in smocked dresses, little boys wearing john-johns until they’re seven, and monogrammed initials on nearly anything imaginable, I find myself to be in the minority when it comes to children’s fashion. And while I was born in the south, I should point out that my first experience with grits wasn’t until high school. And I was way into my 20s before adding shrimp to your grits made any sense. So no I wouldn’t necessarily say I was raised southern. And when it comes to dressing my four month old, I do not usually buy the typical southern attire. So when I am out and about shopping, I have a hard time finding outfits for Liam that I think are cute but still fitting into my “baby style” (if that’s even a thing). So naturally, I decided it only made sense to make him some pants! And these are not your typical baby pants. I am calling these Liam’s hot pants. I have no idea why. But lets just roll the pictures, shall we?


Both of the white graphic tees where given to us as gifts but I was told you can purchase them locally at a vendor at the Charleston Farmers Market!




the cuff at the bottom might be my favorite part!


We must have a stuffed animal on both sides of us when sleeping at all times.

Rather than reinventing the wheel, I am going to share a few links I found through my fellow sewing bloggers that have great FREE patterns and tutorials on how to make baby pants/leggings:

  1. Todd Ah
  2. See Kate Sew (jeggings!)
  3. Baste and Gather (this one is great for cloth diaper babies!)

Once you make one or two pair, you will find how ridiculously easy this is. In fact I made four in just one short evening. (Mind you this was one of those rock star evenings where Liam slept the entire time. Those feel like such a distant memory….)  imageThis was a great quick sew and a great use of remnant knit fabric. In fact I have dresses from both the top two Art Gallery knit fabrics. So perhaps a little mommy and me twinning session is in our future. These last two knits I love because the first one has roman numerals and as you may recall, Liam is the IV generation. And the second one I love because I heart hedgehogs. Shout out to my boy Lionel.

It’s great to be back to my sewing machine, even though the moments are short, I’ll take what I can get. Until next time! Priscilla