Three Years + Chicago


I wear a lot of different hats these days. I’m a speech pathologist who works both a full-time job and a part-time job. I’m a “mother” in a sense to my pets and anyone who has pets knows that having a dog is a responsibility all on its own. I’m a friend. I’m a daughter. I’m a daughter-in-law. A sister. A sister-in-law. I’m a sewer. I’m a blogger. And I’m a candlestick maker (ok that last one was a joke).  Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. I wish that 16-year-old Priscilla could see me now. How very popular I have become in my 20s and 30s.  I haven’t had a single weekend this year that someone hasn’t come into town to visit or we haven’t gone out of town to visit someone, or had a wedding, a baby shower, or a birthday party. But I absolutely love it.  I love having a calendar that is packed full with things to do to keep my mind busy and my heart full. But with all the go, go, go, I have to stop and remember that the most important hat that I wear is being a wife. And I have a co-pilot in this flight that I take through life. A husband who does not always want to be going and going. And with all the hustle and bustle it’s easy to forget that even though I live with him and he is the last thing I see before I close my eyes at night, the time I spend with my husband is just as important as all the other things on my calendar. It’s easy to forget to make a moment that is just for the two of us. But luckily once a year an anniversary comes around. And reminds us to fall in love all over again. So this year we celebrated in the Windy City with a quick but much needed side trip to Iowa to see my sister and her boyfriend. And  this week I celebrated the fact that despite my constantly moving, annoyingly loud, irrationally opinionated, sometimes clueless, cry-baby self, that this man (despite his better judgement and despite what I can only imagine were warnings from others) has put up with me for three years and still lets me have the honor of being his wife. What a lucky girl I am and I thank God, the universe, and anyone else that is listening that he stumbled into my life and swept me off my feet. And that three years later he still looks across a crowded room at me and smiles. IMG_6322 IMG_2123IMG_6351IMG_6375 IMG_6392 IMG_6412 IMG_6390 IMG_6396 IMG_6404 IMG_6408 IMG_2100 IMG_2105 IMG_6259IMG_2111 IMG_2120 IMG_2146 IMG_2157 IMG_2159 IMG_2183 IMG_2196 IMG_2201 IMG_6255IMG_6262Hope you enjoyed these pictures from our trip. If you stopped by for some sewing project updates, have no fear. We are back in Charleston and I am about to dust off the sewing machine for some upcoming projects so stay tuned for that.


Let’s Get Together

together tankIMG_2075IMG_2093The rain has finally stopped… for now. So I was excited to get out of the house this weekend for a little barbecue with some friends over in the Old Village and to also get a chance to wear my new top, the Together Tank! I tested this pattern recently and I loved how it turned out. This pattern was designed by my friend Brooke of Debbie Brooke Designs. This is her second adult pattern, the first being the My Dress, and I must say, the best tank top pattern I have come across so far.

IMG_2086I cut a size 6 and made no adjustments to the pattern. The fit turned out really great. And the directions were easy to follow and easy to complete. In fact, I completed the entire pattern in one evening from start to finish. The tank styles well with jeans or shorts untucked, but I decided to go with a cute fit and flare skirt and with the tank tucked in.IMG_2085The summers here in Charleston get really hot so I don’t want to have to line my tank tops by adding that extra layer of fabric. But I also hate the feel of stiff cotton bias taping in my arm pit. The Together tank is the perfect solution to this because you use knit ribbing to finish off your arm holes plus it adds a nice detailed look to the finish. IMG_2063the Fabric: The voile was an easy fabric choice to go with for this pattern. It drapes really well and since you only 3/4 of a yard, you can splurge on some nice voile or rayon that usually costs more than regular light weight cotton.  I love this print and it if looks familiar to you its because I used the pink and white knit from the same collection earlier this year, remember? This fabric is from the Recollection line by Katarina Roccella and I think she is just so talented. Looking forward to seeing what else she creates!

IMG_2082My hair has been a hot mess lately. One day its curly, one day its not. And then somedays, its this hybrid version that we have here today. Let’s not spend time on this. Just focus on the shirt. IMG_2068PATTERN: Together Tank- Debbie Brooke Designs // FABRIC on FRONT: Voile  from Recollection by Katarina Roccella for Art Gallery // FABRIC on BACK: Ponte de Roma knit from Girl Charee // SKIRT: Urban Outfitters (similar) // PEARLS: family gift from China /SANDALS: Old Navy (similar)IMG_2066 And one more shot from the barbecue this weekend with my friend Nicole, who was looking amazing in a kimono from Forever 21. She has the best style!11154793_10152653971526734_8759468647449297393_o



An Easter Dress + an Indie Pattern Mash Up

easter dressIMG_1941 IMG_1945IMG_1953 IMG_1982 IMG_1967IMG_1976IMG_1974

SHOES: LC Lauren Conrad // NECKLACE: gift from a friend  // BODICE PATTERN: My Dress from Debbie Brooke Designs // SKIRT PATTERN: The Riding Peplum- Party Dress by April Rhodes

Last fall, Will and I went to New Jersey to visit some family and I indulged in a trip to the garment district in Manhattan to see what I could see. This time I stumbled upon Paron Fabrics on West 39th Street and couldn’t believe the prices! I scored this four way stretch, mint-colored, lace knit that was discounted for $8 a yard. I have been hoarding it since last fall hoping to make something for this spring and I figured an Easter dress sounded like the perfect occasion.

IMG_1955For this dress I decided to do a “pattern mash up.” This is where you take the bodice pattern piece of one pattern and mix it with the skirt pattern piece from another design.  I have done the My Dress before (see here) but never in knit. I decided to go with this pattern for the bodice since I would be wearing this to church and I wanted to have just a little more on my shoulders instead of going entirely sleeveless. The only change I had to make was to size down a size to allow for the stretch of the knit, so I ended up cutting out a size 4 for the bodice. For the skirt piece I used the  Party Peplum Dress piece from April Rhodes, since I wanted this dress to be a little more flowy then the pencil skirt that comes with the My Dress. I have done this dress before (see here) and it is still one of my favorite dresses to wear. It has a nice high-low hem and is fun and “twirly.” I cut a size medium and didn’t need to make any adjustments to the fit.IMG_1973 The only thing I wish I would of done differently is added length to the bodice. I said that the last time I made the My Dress yet I once again forgot. That would of made the waist line a few inches lower and also the bottom a little lower. So I ended up not hemming the bottom of the skirt once I noticed it was going to be pretty short. It would of been nice to have hemmed the bottom but I am hoping the knit doesn’t unravel with too many wears.IMG_1969The lining of the dress is also a four way stretch knit in the same mint color as the lace. I picked this up on my same trip to Manhattan for under $10 a yards!IMG_1989The necklace I am wearing is probably a little too cliche to be wearing on Easter but I thought it was perfect so who cares! It has three tiny robin’s eggs and was a gift from my dear friend Nicole. I wish the place that she purchased it from in Charleston still existed because I get asked about it every time I wear it.  I found a similar one here, here, and here.IMG_1985These shoes are pretty killer and I was really excited to get a chance to wear them. Who knew that Lauren Conrad was making shoes now. Last I saw her she was fresh out of high school, living in the Hills, and getting wild and crazy.  Now she’s all over Kohl’s like she owns the place.IMG_1995IMG_1952That’s it for a my Easter dress! I have some more plans up my sleeve to mash up a few other patterns so stay tuned for that! Hope everyone had a happy and healthy Easter!



DIY Maxi Dress

delphi IMG_1846 IMG_1851 IMG_1856 IMG_1890IMG_1858 Last summer was definitely the summer of maxi dresses here in Charleston and I am hoping that this year follows the same trend. When Indiesew sent me this new pattern to test from Named Clothing patterns I couldn’t say no. A new maxi dress AND it called for using jersey knit which I happened to have more knit in my stash right now that I know what do with. (Big thanks to my local fabric store Five Eighth Seams for your ever growing knit selection). This black jersey knit I have had sitting around for forever. I am not sure who makes it but it is more of a “slinky” knit versus a thicker knit that you might find with Girl Charlee knits or Art Gallery Fabrics knits. But this dress was meant to be used with a light weight knit with a nice drape, so alas a new not-so-little black dress was made!IMG_1862 IMG_1881 This pattern was much easier to make then I originally thought. The directions include pages full of terminology which was nice but the pictures in the booklet are not so great. Luckily I have done an elastic waist casing before in several other dresses but had that been my first time, I am sure I would of been lost out at sea. The picture is so confusing! My sizing was a little off as well. The length was perfec but the bodice turned out a little big. I cut a size small but I still felt like it was a little loose in the back, as you can kinda tell from this photo below. I think I might play with the strap situation or take in the sides a 1/2 inch on my next one. This could also again be due to the nature of the “slinky knit.” Its always good to size down with knits but I wonder if I should of gone down 2 sizes for this one!IMG_1889 IMG_1844

FABRIC: black, very stretchy knit from my stash // PATTERNDelphi Layerd Maxi Dress from Named Clothing // NECKLACE: purchased at StyleDwell in Charleston // SHOES: Old NavyIMG_1870


DIY Invisible Zipper Pillows


pillowsIMG_1751 IMG_1756 IMG_1757 IMG_1761  Happy Monday everyone! For those of you who follow my blog, you may have remembered that my living room has been a work in progress to get it from bachelorette pad status to where it is now, one of my favorite rooms in the house. The bench that Will built has finally been given its final touch with some DIY pillows (that are cat approved), plus a hanging planter with some succulents that I beg and pray to not die on me everyday. IMG_1776 IMG_1779 IMG_1780 I have been wanting to make some pillows for the living room for some time now but have been putting it off like I do with most non-apperal projects! But when I saw this gorgeous print from April Rhodes’s new Wanderer collection from Art Gallery Fabrics I decided to get the pillow party started. I went with the Serape Dream and the Sacred Seeds Mojave (which at first I thought were little deer footprints but I am not realizing must be little seeds). Both these prints went really well with the grayish-blue fabric that I used for the bench cushion and also with the two bird pillows I have from Lowe’s of all places (you can find similar ones here and here).  I never blogged about the bench cushion but if you follow me on Instagram than you may remember this picture:


biggest bench cushion ever!

The living room was definitely getting a “greenish-blue” vibe between the wall color, the sofa, and now the bench cushion. So these pillows added some nice accent of pinks and oranges. Which was also perfect since we are currently housing Will’s sisters orange lounge chair in front of the window. I loved the Serape Dream fabric so much that I also recently bought the similar knit fabric  so I can make a maxi dress and sit next to my pillows and blend in. All as one. Think: bathroom wallpaper scene from the movie Garden State. What Zach Braff thinks is humor, I aspire to create. :)IMG_1781 IMG_1786

To make these pillows I used a very simple technique that you can find in about 100 different places online if you do a search for “DIY invisible zipper pillows.” Some of my favorite tutorials include:

Hodge Podge

Sew Katie Did

Delia Creates

here is a video tutorial on installing invisible zippers from Coletterie. com



That’s all my pillow talk for now. It’s back to the sewing machine for me today so stay tuned for a few new maxi dresses, a crop top, and few new peplums coming soon! Can’t wait to share those new patterns with you all soon!


How to Bring Charleston Fashion Week to Your Sewing Machine

Last week was Charleston Fashion Week, one of my favorite weeks in this ever growing, diverse city that I call home. These emerging designers as well as the featured designers put their heart and souls into their collections and put on some amazing shows. But sometimes at the end of the night, as much as you love a look on the runway, your wallet may not have the same feelings. But like any art form, you can take inspiration from what you see on the runway and create your own DIY ready-to-wear inspired piece. So I decided in all things Fashion and Fishing, it would only make sense to try to get inspiration from a few of my favorite Charleston Fashion week looks. Here are some ideas on how you can take a sewing pattern paired with some designer fabrics and create a similar runway look. runway style 3DESIGNER LOOK: Trina Turk // PATTERN INSPIRATION: Saltspring Maxi Dress from Sewaholic Patterns // FABRIC INSPIRATION: Fashionable Azure in voile from Art Gallery Fabricsrunway style 2DESIGNER LOOK: Seam Siren // PATTERN INSPIRATION: Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studios // FABRIC INSPIRATION: amaranth knit from Art Gallery Fabrics. Available now at Five Eighth Seams in Charleston

runway style 1DESIGNER LOOK: Amanda Dreesen // PATTERN INSPIRATION: The Hudson Pants by True Bias // FABRIC INSPIRATION:  Black Stretch Spandex Knit from Girl Charlee Fabrics

runway style 4DESIGNER LOOK: Daniel Velasco & Ryan Workman // PATTERN  INSPIRATION: Pleated Pencil Skirt from Delia Creates // FABRIC INSPIRATION:  Cotton and Steel

I was rocking some mean flu like symptoms earlier in the week, but I still made it out to the opening night of Charleston Fashion week in head to to vintage pieces (seriously, this skirt is from the late 90s).   

Can’t wait to see what next years show will bring but until then I have some work to do to start my spring/summer handmade wardrobe. What will you be sewing up for the warmer weather?

Hues of Brown and Black + Bikes and Beers


 JEANS: Joe’s Jeans // NECKLACE: Madewell // SWEATER: H& M (similar) // FEDORA: Forever 21  BLACK TANK: handmade by me //  BOOTS: Lucky

This past Saturday some friends and I participated in a bicycle beer crawl. Basically what you do is get a large and very loud group of your closest friends and ride around to different bars in  Charleston on your bikes. Our buddy Dave was the “tour group leader” and he took us to some interesting and very different places around town including a smelly but friendly dive bar (Cutty’s), a bar with the largest cutting board I’ve ever seen where we of course stuffed our faces with prosciutto, (Artisans Meat Share), a bar on the East side that was neither a palace nor a hotel but has somewhat of a celebrity status (Palace Hotel), and a few oldies but goodies to really send us falling of our bikes, literally not figuratively.  (Taco Boy, Xiao Bao, Bay Street Beirgarden).

IMG_1675 IMG_1683 IMG_1738 IMG_1684 IMG_1686 IMG_1696 IMG_1736IMG_1706 IMG_1690IMG_1714 IMG_1742 IMG_5982IMG_1748 IMG_1749 


Selfish Sewing Week + the Rose Dress

IMG_1556IMG_1539 IMG_1571I was so happy to pick a pattern from  Indiesew for this spring’s Selfish Sewing Week. I have had my eye on a few new patterns from their site. But then I saw this pattern from Blank Slate Patterns called “the Rose T-shirt” and since I was planning to use this fabric, I knew it was destined to be mine. IMG_1564IMG_1543

BOOTS: Aldo (similar one here)  // FABRIC: Art Gallery Fabrics: Flowered Engrams Delicate // PATTERN: Rose T-Shirt Pattern by Blank Slate Patterns //  FLORAL CROWN: DIY creationIMG_1552 IMG_1566 My favorite part about this pattern is the short sleeve pattern piece is not a tiny little cap sleeve that you see in most dress patterns, and instead is a little longer. I have large orangutan arms so these sleeves were the perfect fit. I sewed a size medium, dress option, but added an extra 2.5 inches to the length of the dress. I also omitted the woven front yoke and stayed with my same floral knit for all of the pattern pieces. Otherwise I sewed the pattern as is, following all directions and it turned out just as I had hoped.

IMG_1572IMG_1567 IMG_1546

The Fabric:

If you’ve read my blog before than you will know how much I love sewing with knits and how much I love Art Gallery Fabrics . So I was more than thrilled when Art Gallery sent me this beautiful rose knit from the Recollection line by Katarina Roccella. The print is so unique and from afar has an interesting texture look to it. And it is floral but without being too juvenile. I have had my eye on it for awhile but was afraid that the floral print might be too “loud” for me. But as I began my “spring inspiration” board on Pinterest I was noticing that floral print is EVERYWHERE! Some of my favorite inspirations included:

PicMonkey Collage

Show Me Your Mumu        //        Forever 21        //        Shop Boohoo

But my biggest fear in doing a knit floral dress was that it would end up looking more like this:

I think my dress probably resembles the inspiration looks much more than the worst-case scenario looks. Would you agree? If not, please exit this blog post immediately (just kidding!)IMG_1554IMG_1573

In the end I love the dress and it turned out to be a great little dress for a Saturday afternoon stroll through the new Birds of Prey exhibit in Awendaw, out for a lunch date with Will, and then for a walk down on King Street. I love that I took a risk with floral because I never would of thought I would have so much fun wearing it. Let this be a lesson to us all. Don’t let loud prints scare you. You will not look like your grandmother’s sofa and you will not look like third trimester Kim Kardashian. You will look gorgeous. Because that is the thing about fashion. It’s not what you are wearing, but how you feel in what you are wearing that matters. Plus don’t forget to add a smile, because that is what people will notice first.


 Disclaimer: The pattern and fabric in this post was provided to me free of charge for participating in Selfish Sewing Week Blog Hop but as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own.

The Ongoing Struggle with my Tall Torso

IMG_1665IMG_1660IMG_1661 IMG_1664

WORK OUT PANTS: Old Navy // SHOES: New Balance  // TANK TOP: Target // SUNNIES : Urbane Outfitters // PATTERN: Summer Concert Tee by Dixie DIY // FABRIC: Art Gallery Fabrics

There are few times that I make a muslin prior to cutting into my nice new fabric. Maybe I just love the instant gratification  of jumping into a project and having it done that day. My measurements stay pretty much the same and I usually go with a medium for anything tight fitting and smalls for anything loose. And this way of thinking usually works in my favor. Well then comes along the Summer Concert Tee.  I do love this pattern. It is well written and a very simple pattern to complete for anyone who wants a newbie knit sewing project.  But my problem was that I did not take into account that my torso is a weeeeee bit longer that the average gal. (The distance from the bottom of my neck to my belly button is 18 inches long….pause for you to go measure your own…. go ahead…..SEE! told you my torso was long!)   I just jumped right into this pattern, cut a size small, and didn’t adjust it to account for needing extra length in the front. This shirt has a very pronounced high-low hem. And the “high” in the front is very high. To the point that my pale winter belly was out for the world to see. Luckily I found a cute dark gray tank top in my stash to wear underneath.  Also the front  of the shirt is a little “baggy” on my body causing the thicker knit fabric to drape in a wierd way, but I could always go back and take in the side seams and see what happens.

IMG_1666So lesson learned. Not all my creations come out so fabulous. I will from here on out be more aware to the length of patterns and know when to make adjustments for my tall Terzo torso and make a muslin when it’s needed. In the mean time, this one will do perfect for walks in the sun with my pups and my main man!

will and pups